The Project:

Simply put, Bangtail Whiskey is whiskey for the people. I partnered with the Bangtail team on their brand development process and the overall launch on the product. Our goal was to create an experience, and tell a story, instead of throwing yet another spirit into a crowded market. Everyone involved believed in the story of Bangtail and sought to tell it in a way that every whiskey drinker would want to be a part of.

How I Helped:

The overall deliverables for this project included logo design, product and label design, website design and development, and visual sales and marketing content. The ultimate success of this project is in no small part, thanks to the outstanding people I was able to partner with. Gerald Studds’ work on the brand’s logo and label conveyed clearly the heritage and stability that Bangtail is. The amazing team at Ember Productions produced all media and marketing content, including product stills and video, as well as the three Bangtail cocktail videos. Through the collective effort of all involved, I believe we have established a brand that knows where it came from, where it is going, and how to continue on that path. I continue to support the team as they grow; expanding their notoriety across the country. 

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