The Project:

Corey’s Tribe is a fitness community, a group of common thinkers and doers dedicated to health wellness. The Tribe’s founder, Corey Sanders needed a new website in order to better unite his members around a singular digital space. Corey built his brand and reputation on years of being one of the top fitness experts and trainers in the greater Nashville / Middle Tennessee region. Our goal was to build on what was already in place by creating a seamless user experience and implementing the desired touch point for current members as well as prospective ones. 

How I Helped:

This fully responsive website utilized a mobile-first design, considering the increasing use of mobile devices by the target demographic. I created unique and specific CMS content blocks that allows Corey to regularly and easily update essential content, including his updated schedule, current classes and instructions, and his current pricing guides. Before beginning this project, Corey developed a line of Corey’s Tribe clothing. In order to support this aspect of his business, I implemented e-commerce functionality into the website. This way, I was able to facilitate sales of Corey’s Tribe’s clothing and accessories. Through the branding and website work I completed, Corey’s Tribe has a stronger brand and online presence, equipping the brand for sustainable growth moving forward. It as a great privilege to partner with Corey on his life’s passion—teaching, training, and leading people to live holistic and healthy lives. 

*Photography by Jamie Pratt.

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