Sr. Product Designer

Driven by empathy, intuition, and creativity, I lead initiatives that bring about innovative and user-centric solutions that drive key business objectives.
As a seasoned designer with 6+ years of experience, I thrive in fast-paced environments, delivering user-centric solutions through collaboration with cross-functional teams—solving business challenges through technology solutions.
Diving into the world of design, I've had the privilege of working on diverse projects, each leaving a unique mark.
My approach is driven by a commitment to capture the essence of each project, whether it's web design, branding, or print materials.




Product discovery phase involving key areas of research in order to understand and validate the "problem."
  • People
  • Process
  • Inspiration
  • Content
  • Technology


Problem definition phase where we:
  • Document needs or requirements
  • Identify key insights & themes
  • Deduce & define opportunity
  • Validate findings with core stakeholders
  • Develop critia for stakeholder workshop


Product design phase where ideas align and come to life.
  • Ideate / concepting
  • Evaluate initial ideas
  • Prototyping & testing (customer, user)
  • Present to business stakeholders
  • Deliver, deploy, test, iterate


"Exceptional. That's Byte. They turned our vague ideas into a brand that feels truly 'us.' Their design aesthetic is unparalleled, and their ability to communicate our message through visuals and words is remarkable. We're not just satisfied; we're thrilled!"
John Doe
CEO, Google
"Collaborating with Byte was a revelation. Their comprehensive marketing strategy breathed new life into our business. From captivating social media campaigns to compelling copywriting, their expertise led to a surge in engagement and revenue. Working with them was a game-changer."
John Doe
CEO, Google
"Byte's dedication to detail is unmatched. They meticulously crafted our brand, capturing our ethos flawlessly. Their approach is not just creative, but strategic. The result? A website that's not only stunning but also user-friendly. Their team's professionalism and commitment set them apart."
John Doe
CEO, Google

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